Offers for coins tapjoy+scopely

So i completed an offer for coins, deemed ineligible something about vpn’s, the other game was downloaded through the offer, i did have to re download the game due to issues but completed the offer provided ss and everything i feel about tapjoy like i feel about scopely at this point

Are you using a vpn? Vpn’s can somehow allow you to do the same offer more than once so tapjoy probably doesn’t allow it.

No vpn it was a “more coins” offer for like 12k total i figure they didn’t want me to have them

I just did an offer thru tapjoy, 2 weeks ago, finished the offer about a week ago, didn’t get the coins, sent in a ticket to tapjoy, waited 4 days to get an official response from tapjoy, there response was, they were sorry I was deemed ineligible for the reward, because I downloaded the game afk arena, through google play, but there’s response makes no sense, when I do an offer I get that offer from tapjoy in walking dead: RTS and when you click on an offer, tapjoy takes you right to google play to download the game, so yes I did download it through google play, that’s where you get the games to complete offers and I do not change my ads id or use vpn

downloaded a game while on my work wifi. completed the offer and didn’t receive coins. emailed tapyjoy support they said it was bc i was on a vpn but they will research it. 3 weeks later got the coins. used my coins didn’t get anything good.

would not do again.

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You have more luck if u buy off the game, that’s how I got my coins said I had proof I was playing it

I had the same problem with z,wars 15k coins even when ss the completing offer they didnt pay out saying i downloaded the game tru google play some kind of bs because all games go tru google play to download them

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Yep that’s exactly what it said for me!!

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