Offers atm wtf?

Stop putting this junk in the offer since when have we wanted 4 star tokens? Stop electrocuting the man with the tin hat please his releasing shocking offers :wink:


We want Konrad tokens and Halloween wheel tokens not 3 elite tokens I’m sorry but :rofl:

Do a proper offer will ya

What’s wrong with elite char tokens? I pulled Jessie from there

There’s no good toons in the wheel, we can get those tokens for free there always going to be there the guys who are paying are paying specifically to get Konrad and Halloween tokens not to get a shit 3/4 star or in your case a shit jessie

Gear shortage is worse imo. Paying tons just to get ONE gps is just … bad.


I refuse to pay for gear, we overpay for toons why shall I pay to level them ? Piss right off,

You buy a game for your ps3/4 or xbox pay 50 quid and you have absolutely everything, you pay £50 on here and you get 47 4’s two 5’s and maybe one ascendable


I think most players will agree with this. Give us an offer with ONLY Konrad/Halloween tokens please @JB.Scopely


Go play console games then :man_shrugging:t4:

I do but I enjoy war, the guys I play with and it’s accessible at work :call_me_hand:

Anyone do that lilith and mods special offer? Hate giving away my small coin stash but in desperate need of her. Lots. :pensive::cry:

I bought this offer and got Dante and naya from the Konrad tokens and Monica from the elite character tokens so it was a $25 well spent

Damn… scopely been handing out goodies lately.

Buy all those lilith offers and let me know what it is lol.

$15 offer I couldn’t pass up $30 worth of gold

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It’s basically just lilliths mods for 3 offers then offer 4 is 125 Halloween tokens lilliths 5* tokens and I think like 300k mod scraps if I remember correctly for $25 not worth it imo

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Yes that was a amazing offer

Didn’t get it. Classic scopely.

So stupid they don’t give same offers across the broad

I hate it when i wake up uk time and i see Screenshots of offers in the shop that the guys across the pond has gotten or bought and they dont pop up for me …

seen the halloween offer for 2300 coins half price but it didnt pop up on my account

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