Offer Shirts & Gloves


Thank you for creating the Shirts & Gloves offer especially at that coin price. Only thing better is if they became regular in the Gear Depot. As surely that’s the best placement


Yeah I would love to buy packs of shirts and gloves in the gear depot!


Coins instead of $$$ is good.

I kinda feel like the grenade is trolling though :confused:


It seems like grenades are in a lot of Scopely offers. Not sure why they think we want grenades as part of a offer or in rewards (think we get one for participating in war but maybe that’s a smelling salt) when we can just craft unlimited amounts with all the worthless wood we recieve. No more grenades please.


I need more grenades. Wont be happy until I hit 5,000


It would be hard to balance.
But say 100 max of one or the other each day could be a great start, at 5 gear markers each perhaps.

Would be handy if your current “Food” total was visible when claiming food From Gear Depit


This offer doesn’t show for me seeing as I never spent anything on this game.
So it’s not for all


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