Offer - seriously!


Just going to leave this here

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So it’s not that you can’t sell the offer… just that you can’t sell it so cheap! - card details removed from ap store. I will never put another penny in these crooks pockets.


They are what you call “legal criminals”

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I got the 5 stash open for 2450 with lower tier upgrades


Me too


The stash I didnt get anything but the green token I got McKenzie


I thought you already said that on another topic?

I guess youre not “just going to leave this here” you’re going to leave it everywhere :rofl:


Now this is a useful response. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write it


Fitting name


My response was more on topic than you lame attempt tho…


The pot calling the kettle black, my friend.


why because my response had a purpose and yours didnt? Yup :+1:


That’s… not even close to what that idiom means.


your idiom doesn’t matter when your responses are so dumb, SMMFH :man_facepalming:


We’ve bickered on multiple threads and this is the 9th reply on this one. I really wouldn’t call this “quick”, lol.

Anyway, just reinforcing my point about the word salad. “Durrr, don’t call me that. U are retart, u cannot use big word like idiom, fuking space cadet”. I think the irony in you deciding to call me a space cadet is truly biting, but trying to explain that irony to you would just waste both of our time. I can already tell you must spend a lot of time in your daily life with trying to understand even simple things, so I shouldn’t waste any of your time for you.


Can I just redirect your attention to the fact that with the closure of the lucky token stash the community has been stuffed once more.


Oh, damn, I didn’t even notice the stash ending. I thought it still had some time left on it?

It’s a big, fat “no” to the question of whether Scopely will do anything about the five-minute offer either way.