Offer of Negan Road To Survavial #7

What do you think guys, worth it or ?
Have some of you tried this lad ?

What offer?

Ascendable Negan and his weapon plus some other stuff for 99.99

Strange. Don’t have him.
Might be because I’m currently in a new region.
No clue.

What do you think of him?

Not worth it at all. Flashy character but active neutered by most recently modded defenses and specialist skill awful given that current meta requires you to kill with a decap toon or the like. Save your money.


Good offer I’d buy it but I have better and he doesn’t fit any of my setups

Thanks for advice…

My attack team so far… :thinking:

I’d definitely switch out the zek for negan


Get Tyreese in the depot for free. Or Aiko from five star tokens. Spence would be a better team lead, too.


talk like it’s easy

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He’s a great toon, dude. Bleed toons are highly under appreciated, IMO. I’m strongly considering buying him to add to my Dwight, konrad, Andrea, Ty team…


I have Spencer atm and Mirabelle - switching between those as leader

I know bleed toons are good, I have bleed on my ezekiel once he is making damage, help actually- he makes like 190bleed, can’t imagine with 750 :slight_smile:

Thank you i also wanted to know I’ll wait for someone else then :slight_smile:

Damage,blood,stun and execution…for me very best pg

But is it 750 bleed overall to two enemies after 2 turns or is it 1500 bleed to two enemies after 2 turn? I can’t really understand the text there…

I thinks it’s 750 bleed damage per enemy per turn. So 1500 bleed to each enemy over the 2 turns. I don’t have the toon so can’t be 100% sure