Offer for pathways - why do we have mods as prize?

Why do i have a pathway offer, showing crossbones with mods as the ‘prize’ :flushed::thinking:

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At a guess it’s coz they can’t organise a pi$$ up in a brewery


Are they actually max mods?

I’m confused by the wording “free mods inside” on an offer that isn’t free and isnt offering anything else.

Another shit show @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely ??


yes they are they come out level 1 and max to 50% when you level them up

But what do mods have to do with pathways, and why show crossbones unless you are trying to misslead people into buying the offer.

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Maybe they’re talking about the level up mods milestone?

Ah fair point, id totally forgotten that one as it was the easiest and i did it in the first day of the event

My bad lol

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@Aussiewend I have brought this offer to the team for investigation. Thanks for this report though :slight_smile:

Yes they are lol would love to have the “no stun resist mods for you” mark taken off my account tho but this was nice still lol

Because the maxed mods are free, except they are not maxed like the rewards from hordes.

Laugh my ass off!
I guess it is just one of the 0 fucks given months.

Hey wondering if you could comment on how the rewards for hordes state that they will be maxed mods, but when claimed none are maxed?
I posted this here last night-Maxed mod crate\bag....... Not long enough

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