Offer box roxi toon u cant upgrade

How insane dumb is this company to place roxi in a offer suprise box for money while you cant upgrade her because they dont run blue and black flagg roadmaps anylonger, this is a scam i pulled her from the box how is scopely going to fix this @taytron


I just received her. I’m f**d up.

Damn didn’t even think of that I was shooting for Mia but I won’t now because I only have black flags

Could someone post a screen of said offer. It’s not showing in my offers tab, then again it wouldn’t be the first time. The first Cameron Scarr/Doc/Zhu/Sergio box offer didn’t show on my offers tab at all.
Only got aware it existed after seeing the forums and the offer had already expired and a new one was up with the collectibles, Elena, Slater and Ryan.


You have been scopleyed

Keep on surviving :rofl:



I’m sure they’ll put up an offer for a chance at 2,4,6 or 48 blue flags. Keep surviving!

Overall it’s not a bad box. Mia is still a decent character, the same goes for Cameron Scarr. Roxie is an unique character and Harrison is ok.
There’s no Sergio’s or Zhu’s on this box.


Use her as ascendable fodder. 'Nuff said.

@TayTron maybe u can help here without sending us in the woods to support that clearly dont give 2cents about this

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Dudes, the best help you could ever reach is probably a shrink to weaken your addiction to pixels !

Everyone knows its never ever a big deal to play with scopely’s rng and yet you keep trying …

Seems to me that you dont want to be saved.
So get your Roxy and keep on surviving :+1:


Makes no sense that they cant run maps for flags and kites. The whole duel specialist set up was a disaster.

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron is it possible to have an answer? Thanks in advance.

Ive been asking for this same thing put the flags roadmaps back up, many ppl are close to rewards from the first go round.

It’s really frustrating that those maps have been mia for so long. Those characters arent especially relevant but still they were introduced and there should be a way to progress twords them. But no they just sit in limbo. Then out of nowhere they run an event for the michonne one and give all kites and a bazillion flags.

There are lots of forms of currency in this game. Just rotate the kites and flags into one of the depots ffs.

So that older players don’t get any advantage over more recent players because they cannot figure a way to balance anything in the whole game … Hence waves and their transfers madness as one example among many others.

The main issue here is that offers are complete BS, as always.
The most reasonnable solution is not to look at them.

In a second time, we may argue about currencies such as kites, then ice cones, blue keys, bullets, cakes (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet …), then cards … So many things that are badly handled that in the end it makes the game boring, redundant as hell and ruins any progress you could make on the long term.
But its another thread’s story !

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