Offer 1,2,3 - Snowman Token $35


Thanks for the heads up. Good deal imo.


47k gold, must be nice…



You can’t choose the character only random revieve right?

It’s from the recent stash… Look carefully

Haaaa, I barely have 1,000 gold, its hard to come by in game, you get 33 videos a day and if you do the monthly pass you only get a certain amount. I’ll have it one day but it won’t be today

You get a random chance at 1 of 4 toons in Legendary Stash (I received Louis before this offer):

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If red Clem 6* was in there Id buy the offers until I get her.

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Im building an army


Lol thats pretty awesome. Wish I could have one of those Clems :slight_smile:

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People hate on her 6*, but I feel like they just don’t know how to use her. She’s a very great toon

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That Louis in the stash is still the better card.


Only cause of disarm really, but take away both specialist skills and Clem wins easy. Her rush and active can control the raid if done right

Love my Louis by far the better toon in the stash


Wooow , put those Clem’s behind Sandy “league” and you will have a pretty good defense.

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Apparently, you must spend money on this offer…
Quite cheeky though… It starts with coins and then boom 3rd offer asks for your money (no consistency at all).
Am I surprised??
Nah, just Scopely things…sneaky moves 24/7

Could always just go to the shop and purchase the max (20) scavenger crates at 150 coins each for a 1% chance at snowman tokens. I pulled Romanov from a token I got from last week’s crate.

Yea, great idea. At 1% chance for the token it’s almost guaranteed to get one. :joy:

Almost! LOL

But you are guaranteed to not waste anymore cash this year… well, so long as you have coins saved up.

Pair konrad with Brian ad alpha, 1 round raid done on most teams lol. People underestimate how awesome collateral damage is. Alpha with double attack weapon, konrad with his double attack, and Brian with splash damage. I’ve taken out 4 of 5 reds with just alphas double attack. There’s videos out there.