Odds on survival road offers


I want to get an idea what people are getting on these bags, because right now I am suspecting false advertising from scopely.

I’m not sure if I can upload a picture, if anybody knows how please let me know and I will update the OP, but I am refering to the survival road offers that consist of 2 cans and a chance at up to 20 cans (they have now changed the bags and the maximum amount you can get is only 10).

I have been pretty active on SR lately, so I have bought many of these offers. I believe I have bought at least 15 of these offers over the past few events. I have NEVER ONCE gotten more then 2, which is the minimum amount you can get from the bags. After about the 15th bag it occured to me that something might be not right. I asked numerous other people what they have gotten from these bags, and almost everybody I have spoken to so far has never gotten more than 2, on multiple purchases.

I really think this is crooked advertising by scopely. If you have boughten this offer numerous times and have never gotten more than 2 cans, please speak up here. It is the offer with:

-2 survival road cans
-A bag with a “random” number of cans, lowest option being 2, highest being 10 (used to be 20)
-6 star, 5 star, and 4 star drug kits


In the previous version I did 1 pull and got 6


I tried it a couple times but always get bare minimum…

And that pretty much applies to any grab bag type offer.