Odds on pulls not true


Can anyone tell me why the odds on pulling a desired character are lies/fixed.
Koa 200 pulls should get every 50 pulls
Lydia 120 pulls should get every 50 pulls
Erika 120 x2 odds should get every 25 pulls

Is this normal good bad, just seems the odds are not true


Those odds are true for my account, I however don’t believe for a second those odds are true for every account that fits certain criteria , just a hunch.


I have done 110 pulls for Erika this time round and currently she is a no show which is a joke tbh on x2 pulls


I have no idea where you get those stats from, but you most certainly aren’t gonna get your desired promo character in 25 pulls.


The 1% (2% offer currently) is for a legendary toon, with a further 1%/2% for an ascendable toon. Not necessarily the featured premier.


What @Galaxy42 said.

Also, you know how odds work right? Just because there is a percentage chance of something happening, doesn’t mean that it will happen that often.

We all know the chance of getting a head when you toss a coin is 50%. But that doesn’t mean if you toss a coin twice, you are guaranteed to get one heads and one tails.


If anyone takes the time to actually read the odds. It’s 2% chance at a 6*… Not a 2% chance at the promotional toon. And you judge it on a few hundred pulls. It is a mathematical chance of probability based on millions of pulls.


And for double chances, all that means is twice the chance that if you pull a 6* or ascendable 5* that it is twice as likely to be that promo. But the actual odds of the promotional toon is not stated and doesn’t have to be.


If anyone takes the time to actually read the previous posts, this has already been pointed out.


it goes down each time they add a new character and it’s always been this way.


What… this is like elementary statistics…


Which many forum members seem to have skipped during the formative years of their education


And then heads or tails is not even 50%. It is more like 49,5 and 50,5% depending which side of the coin is heavier. Often heads is heavier because of the big head on it.


After 3 years you’re still trying to argue logic to the pulls system?


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