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Besides the Magna Thread haven’t seen any complains about the new wheels. Is it just me, who’s not okay with the new wheels?
With the 2% odds and 12 6* (was it twelve?) you at least had a decent ( lol ) chance to get the promo you would want.
But now with 1% (2% if you count in ascendables) and 20 6* you have a 0,1% chance to get the promo you actually want. The Wheels themselves, look much better with better toons so i guess these wheels seem better for newer players that have not yet formed their main team.

I myself desperately need wayland, guess i will have to wait for a -Better chance for Wayland-Wheel.
How do you feel about the new Wheels?


Reminds me alot of the old wheel of doom, pre guaranteed epic per 40 pulls.


The New Wheels are Amazing. Not only that they added new 6* characters and increased the odds. They also added a bunch, if not all 4* to it which is Great for Newer Players so they can finally get unique characters and Collectors like me. Finally it not feels like lost value and wasted Coins anymore most of the Time :slight_smile:


That irony. At least i smiled a bit… :grin:


No that’s not irony. You’re talking to the biggest 4* Collector in the Game :wink:


Look what I finally got last week. :grin:


Nice :slight_smile:. Look at mine:


you clearly dont understand sarcasm do you?


If that’s your opnion have fun with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Jokes on you, i’ve changed my mindset, i’m only in it to get 4 stars from premier, anything else is going to the depot


I’d be nice if they can ascend 4*—> 6*…I’ve just dreamed it…lol


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