Odds for things!


Since players are now first and all…I was wondering if we can ever get informed on the odds of pulling/crafting things. 5* characters guaranteed 1/40 pulls, great. What about when pulling weapons when there’s a weapon worth pulling? How about the odds of specific critical crafting results? Can this please be a thing?

Edit - I’m refering to premier weapon pulls, not elite. Just to clarify.


Playing since the start, so as far a pulling for weapons, in my experience getting a 4★ is 0 and getting a 3★ maybe 20, rest just 1&2★.
Crafting weapons is even worse in my case, after losing most weapons with both the first, second armory malfunction because I did half my weapons each time, second one was the worst because they said it was “fixed” that gave no good parts. After that no real weapons to disassemble and the drop rate lowered I’ve never gotten a good weapon upgrade. So I’d say less then 0 as well.


What are the odds we get the odds?

Ba dum tsssssss


Even a response stating that it’s not going to happen would be great, any response will do…ignoring questions like this only causes more frustration in this players first game


why not remove all craftable parts from pull. at 225 coins a pull its a fair price to receive 4* weapon or PK - DT spray paint… in the SD you can get a 4* weapon AND world/raid cans and other stuff for 200 coins.


I agree, why would anyone feel satisfied with a craftable part they can craft for the cost of some material from a pull that costs $$? But I get it, it’s a gamble. You’re not always going to get the weapon or upgrade that you want, it’s not that easy.

But all I’m asking for are the odds. The odds of getting an impair while defending crit success is x.xx%. The odds of getting the premier weapon when pulling is x.xx%. Fill in the x.

The premier recruits has been changed and now we know that the odds of pulling a 5* is 2.5%. Please give us the odds for other things, and Shane please simply respond with a “no”, “I’ll take it to the team”, “we don’t do this because _____”, anything…anything is better than nothing.


It is funny how we all talk about odds and that we are now guaranteed after so many pulls. I have been playing since ground zero, last week was the first time I had ever pulled a 5 star. Countless pulls and I never got anything worth while. Even the 5 star I did get was not the premier recruit.