Odds finally given


So I may or may be late to
Party on this, but looking at the clover tokens, there is a question mark up top that gives odds now. I even looked at pulls and there are stated odds. I don’t if these are rounded or not. But there are some odds posted now


Just noticed this. Wonder how accurate this is.


Chances it’s accurate: I’m thinking the same as the chances of a 1* melee weapon


Really you believe all these bs???
Scopely said a year ago its totally a random pull and all chances are equal…now they give some numbers for your eyes.
In another point they reduced critical hit with weapons even if your overall score (weapon mod, leader skill, buffs) was 100%+…so you can never have that percentage.
Now tell me again how much money do you have to spend for a new promo w/ x2 chances?


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