Odda of pulling Ricks Jarring Revolver


What are the odds of pulling this weapon. Ive done more than 10 big pulls (40) and have not received this weapon. If its 2x odds, does that mean our odds are less than 1 in 800?

Is there a place to find chance odds for premier weapons / premier recruits? Who holds scopely accountable to actually delivering 2x chances?

I find it ods that this information is not easily available. The back of every lotto ticket has its odds posted on it. It is essentially gambling on pulls.


Just buy a stun gun from VK and save yourself some money.


yeah dont even bother the odds are 0.00000000000000000001%


Sounds like you should have bought world cans, leveled up, and made your own.


When it comes to odds in the game just think of it as 0%the RNG is horrible. So if you happen to get anything then you’ve done good. Same goes for bags and crates if they put trash in it expect to get the worst thing. It’ll save you from feeling robbed.


I pulled it months ago. Took 3 large pulls. But its either pay or let Earl screw you time after time after time.


That’s not how odds work.


When you try to understand how scam odds works


Not if you understand basic probability lol.


There’s nothing to understand tbh , you’re gonna get fucked anyway and get the lower amount of whatever you’re trying to get or the worst toon if it’s a crate toon or pulls …I just wanted to use that meme


I congratulate you on doing 10 big pulls. But question is why stop there tho?


Scopleys whole system for Everything is a ga mble, yet like other gambling sites/games they don’t give the customers a clue to what the actual odds are. The reason for this is because they’re so bad,that posting the odds would severly effect their sales. Which they’re not going to do, the truth of the matter is that it "should, actually be ill egal for them to not be forced to show “us” the paying customers the correct odds. If casinos need to give you details on the odds, so should scaml ey. Essentially what they have is a rigg ed systems with 0 transperancy. In other words they’re legally able to rob you with 0 repercussions or any oversighting/regulatory body.


I always thought of pulling for Toons basically like gambling at a casino accept at the casino you win money here you just win toons.


Only you probably have a much better chance at winning money from a casino, then winning toons from scopley.



I have only pulled one weapon ever that I have tried to get and it was Morgan’s staff but I have had zero luck any other time… honestly I think you have a better chance of pulling 5 6* in a row than to get one


my fac mate got 1 from 10 pulls after not spending for awhile :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some people with frigging four of them and I can’t even pull one it’s maddening


I think you don’t really understand what an odd is and hence what 2x implies.
If the odd to get a 4* star weapons is as low as toons, it is (if I remember correctly) 0,5%. So double the chances (2x) is 1%, still a very bad odd to go against.

Moreover, odds apply each time to every single pull. That means you could do a thousand pull and still not get it. Think of every single pull you make as a throw of a 100-sided dice (a zocchihedron for the anecdote ^^) where you each time have to get one specific number.

That’s why I don’t do pull anymore and why you should’nt if you don’t refund or don’t have unlimited cash :wink:


Very accurate picture mate lol