Odd chat bug (Invisible chat messages)

I cant read any chat messages by one of my faction members. I thought I might have blocked her by accident somehow, but her profile says I havent. I can still read her private messages, and she can see me in chat. Nobody else in the faction seems to be experiencing this, im not sure what to do.

We have the same issue!

One of our faction mates is invisible to the other. Neither are blocked. Its really odd. Been happening for quite some time now, we had to go to an offline site to run a faction chat to get around the issue.

I saw one of her messages dissapear in chat a few days ago, and never saw her in chat since. I thought she might have just been off, until I saw another faction member talking to her in chat.

There are 2 different chat blocks you can do. A Private Message block and a general Chat block. To unblock the PM messages, you have to access the user’s profile and select Unblock. To unblock the general chat block, you have to go to the Block List when accessing the Logs screen for chat and select Unblock on the user’s listing.

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Not sure why we need two block features, but thanks for the help.

Mine apears 10 new message every time i logon in the game. Always, this is frustrating.