Odd bot to come cross

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Was there any glitch that made it possible to collect 2?

In dade no there was not

Yeah I’m unaware of any glitches

one is tier 1 max lvl and other is tier 2

Why was this even fl_gged? lol


Probably vk magic or something

Lol I’m in dade but never seem this anyways it’s not even a good team lol

Its not about being good or not…

The bot was eric lead 15 rings.

Haven’t seen it either and I’m also in dade

I wondered about it too when I saw this

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Should post his info on here

I doubt it’s some VK hack, must be a glitch. I don’t want to live in a world where someone thinks to themselves “You know what would make my Eric lead attack team really pop? Having a second Kapoor that I won’t be able to upgrade. Better quickly go to some Russian hacker site and buy one!”.

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Yeah I remainly think vk Idk why.

if it was bug we all would of got it in dade

It be nice ot have double maim. I wish kapoor maim was at least 2k since Mia (A really good normal 6* has 2.3k maim and can revive and has active skill revive)

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