October Token Crates?


I recently missed a login and the event is wrapping up, will there be crates containing October Tokens? Just need one more day, would suck if I wasn’t able to claim that 150 legendary medal completion reward. Thanks!


sadly, you missed them


Well, that sucks. Thanks for the heads up…


yeah, it sucks, but its also fair, if you know what i mean


You sure you really missed one ?
How many items left in your stash ?
I connected every October days but some days ago I noticed that I was able to collect the free cauldrons offer but not the October tokens offer. I got 2 items remaining in my stash for now.


I have 3 items left in my stash, haven’t collected today’s token yet. And yeah, that happened to me as well.


Ok so it appears you in the same boat as I am …
I’d like to know if anyone is ahead of us without buying any offer : will we really miss 1 token at the end of the month ?!?


Tokens only become available late PDT time on the relevant day, so being UK based, I generally have my token for the 1st day of month available when I log in on the second, etc etc.

Not unique to this log in event. May or may not be the issue for those “missing” tokens


Thanks for the infos.
We’ll soon see :slight_smile:


How dare you to reset your login streak!


Same here. The October tokens didn’t appear for me until 2nd October a.m. so despite not missing any I might end up 1 short


I think we’ll get the last token tomorrow. Because the 3y daily tokens come 1st October too


Nah, as Anxiety above says - you’ll see the token waiting for you when you log in on 1st Nov. Been like that for all the collections this year


I was recently unable to login for a day with the beta issue that krpt us locked out for 24rs. Im also 1 short not to mention my login strrak reset so hope scopely didnt screw me out of that token locking beta players out. @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely.


Thankfully, I was able to get the last token. Did everybody else receive theirs as well?


Ok for me, @Kanaima was right about the timing !


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