October Game Update - No tricks, all treats!


October Game Update - No tricks, all treats!

Coming off of the recent release of Faction Onslaught, we wanted to make some exciting core updates to the game that many players have been asking for.

While it’s important for us to keep developing and releasing new features to keep Road to Survival exciting and worth coming back to every day, we also know how critical it is to maintain the core aspects of the game.

Here are the updates that will soon be coming to the game:

Increased Player Level Cap to 150

We are increasing the Player Level cap from its current maximum of 125 to 150.

Additional Details:

  • XP required for Levels is flat
    • Experience required for each level is the same as the last, no scaling up!
  • Rewards (for each level gained)
    • Mod Box that contains either a Silver or Gold Mod
    • Weapon crafting parts
    • Either Gold, Mod Scrap, or Ascendance Medals
  • World Energy Cap
    • World Energy Cap increases to 92 by Level 150
  • Increased Fighter Roster Space
    • 75 additional spaces for fighters in your roster by Level 150

2 New World Map Areas to explore

  • Alexandria and Sanctuary (Zone 24 and 25)
    • Each area includes 8 stages

New Missions

To complement the increased level cap and new map areas there are also new Missions, including additional missions that grant Player XP.

Leveling/Upgrading Food Cost Changes

We’re making a few changes to the food costs required for leveling 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-star fighters to better balance the in-game food economy and allow players an easier path to level/upgrade their fighters.

  • 1, 2, and 3-Star Fighters - Significantly reduced the food cost for leveling and upgrading fighters at all Tiers
  • 4-Star Fighters - The food cost of leveling fighters at Tier 1 and Tier 2 is reduced. The food cost of upgrading from Tier 1 to Tier 2 is also reduced.
  • 5-Star Fighters - The food cost of leveling at Tier 1 is slightly reduced.

The Return of Content Leaders Pam and Glenn!

Content leaders will once again be working as intended for Roadmaps. The issues that caused Pam and Glenn to interact incorrectly with Roadmaps that didn’t require World Energy have been fixed. Pam and Glenn have been fixed to work as they did previously.

More to Come

We know that there are more core gameplay items like the above that can be updated to make the daily Road to Survival experience even better.

We’re working toward tackling many of those items in the coming months and will have more information to share with the community in the near future.

Update 125-150 XP Lvl UP: Rewards




Please make it so we can duel our own teams


Very welcome update, thank you scopely!


Only 75 additional roster space?


I buy that 10 times in a row and go back for more when I need it during level ups, there is no cap on that, the food in depot that is


They knew they better do something after ripping us off for the premium bags and the epic fail of onslaught


Better than nothing.


Love the update, though I would suggest maybe adding better characters/weapons into helper tokens wheel as well as basic tokens next time too.




This basically represents everyone’s reaction to anything on this forum


Need the option to buy or sell in multiples!! Allow us to enter NUMBERS in a slider/clicker. Ridiculous how that hasn’t been implemented yet for this game.

Who level’s up 1-3* characters? Reducing food cost for those are ridiculous…reduce it for 6* characters!!

While we are at it…DEFENDS in Onslaught and War should count as POINTS!! Why isn’t that looked at??? Defending is just as important as attacking! Thanks :relieved:

And for the luv of goodness…please do something with basic tokens!!!

@JB.Scopely @Agrajag @Hedge @Shawn.Scopely


Yeah but you gotta buy it 10 times in a row is the point instead of just selecting 10 and buying it once for 1 mil food


Some welcomed change but when exactly is the crashing of territories gonna be fixed?


Still can’t play on my pixel 3 :expressionless:


I’m sure they are looking in to it, or at least I hope so. It’s been there for too long now.


Finally. I’ve been waiting for this update for a long time. Thanks


We’re targeting the upcoming game update, RTS 18.x, to have those ironed out.

Thanks for the good feedback on the recent update! :star_struck:

PS: We also know and acknowledge the 100K food Depot would ideally needs revisiting, it’s in our radar.

When are you going to fix Territories?

But are transfers moving forward? Will there be a new list and keys? The game is quickly loosing players who are sick of waiting it out… we can handle ours @JB.Scopely let us show you!