Oconee region needs your attention

Nick: Said Lahad
Faction: Epidemic Z
Level 125
Reputation 50869
Wins 79993
Losses 66
Prestige 221850
Oconee Region [PT]

This player using illegal methods in the boxes taking the chance to come what they do not want, I ask him to analyze him and his faction, because players who play illegal force as he discourages me and I ask them to take some action.

I also comment to analyze his faction, as he announces the sale of the characters via paypal or pagseguro.

This is a case that just got the character Erika, Alpha and Kal using this type of artifice.

Region oconee [en] 04/29/2018 14:48 GMT-3

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Os Brs é liso askopaksokpasokpas

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