Obtaining Gloves Within Milestones

I’m sure a few of the users have questioned the absurdness of glove placement within the milestones.

These gloves should be placed in the beginning of the first 3 milestones & not in the middle to end.

Please sort this nonsense out ASAP!



@JB.Scopely please!

These toons just simply are not worth any money needed to get the milestones to get them, not $10, not $20 and not the hundreds scopely is asking for, these toons are free and they are not even great at all as they are not game changers, these 3 toons will not help with the current meta of 3 revive, healing, hp boosting, double shield teams. If these toons had disarm, decap, 100% heal reduction, focus to all, debuff defense, then ok yea but as it stands now, ive accepted that i wont get them and im ok with that cause none of them will help my teams at all. Certainly not sitting on a game 24/7 to grind and using money to buy cans, which on the 24 hour fac events, is needed to get the milestones. This event was a quick lets silence players by dropping an event with the 3 remaining ascendables that will require buying/using cans to get the milestones to get them. You know someone at scopes really believes this is a good event and well it is in the sense it calmed like 90% of the player base, well done scope :slight_smile:

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Heres a Christmas gift, we cant make it too easy for you though! So silly. its christmas. We should be having an awesome event like the necklace event. Ample museum collection items with choices of things we actually need. Noone needs these characters. Everyone needs gear.


The toons may be trash but the winter tokens may not be

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I’m sure they will be in some wheel of sorts for easy gain real soon anyway so it’s up to you if you want them now or a bit later on.

be careful what you wish for!, might just get it. and scopely is good at twisting wishes. 1st milestone 100,000, 2nd 500,00, 3rd 1,250,000, 4th, 2million, 5th 3million, 6th 5million every level up.

If the 5mil milestone isn’t mandatory, I don’t see what’s the issue with making a 5mil milestone.

There’s 16 days left so it is possible to get the toons without the 1m milestones


Got the maths to show it? Couldn’t really care less about Knox, and I’ve got Maggie and enough raid cans for Dwight (who I do want) but those tokens might come in handy…

100k for first, ur dreaming, they’ll increase it to 2 m
since everyone can get hear from the stores

Maggie is easy to get FTP my new account is 3 months old and only has 8 6s and 12 5s and I’m over halfway already.
To get Dwight as long as I have some raid cans stocked it should be possible considering I have 250 on my main account and 50 on my B without buying any that should be doable…
Knox is the only one u might need to spend for unless u don’t plan to sleep during SR tourneys but we all got 10 free SR cans not long ago so unless uv used em all that should be doable as well don’t rele know why ur moaning

I’m more peed that the ascendables aren’t worth going for they all are SR grade at best useless at worst and we have no gear to T4 them with anyways :wink:

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