Appears that the buff for Tyrese Rush is stacking with Solange. These buffs should not stack

60% def from solange and 80% from ty stacked, hope u won the raid too.

They only stack because Andrea and Glenn (probably) defended. Defend normally gives +50% DEF, but also stacks with regular buffs.

Nope, smashed it on rematch but definitely hurt my pride losing to that

Math does not add up on your theory

It doesn’t add, it stacks multiplicatively, just like how Indomitable does.

I just tested it with SR Zeke and 6* Glenn.

SR Zeke + Defend = 140% DEF. (SR Zeke gives 60% DEF buff)

6* Glenn + Defend = 147% DEF. (6* Glenn gives 65% DEF buff)

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Yea i lose a few every once in a while definitely can be a kick to the nuts especially for me lol

Ah, it appears you are right, didn’t think about Glenn defending from command. A bunch of stuff happened at once and I thought the whole team was +140% and was like WTF.

Now this is stacking defense :rofl:


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