Nvm keep scrolling


Nvm guys keep scrolling


Doubtful. Just a transfer with high prestige :man_shrugging:


I totally forgot about that


Everyone so quick to blow the whistle lol. Transfers man, way of the world now.


My bad i had a brain fart and forgot, i wasnt accusing him of being one i just found it odd


Yeah, lots of it going around. The cheaters we ran into for war were scoring 10k points in under 3 minutes(so before camp cool down). That’s the easiest place to tell now.


Yeah in my main region we had russian factions score up to 40k in one war


Even that isn’t always a tell, we’ve scored 220k in a match. The easiest way to tell is to see how much an individual player has scored before the timer hits 57 minutes. If it’s more than about 7k, that player is cheating. The idea is that player can only make 8 attacks(because of the 3 minute cooldown on camps). So if an individual player has scored more than 7k, they’ve evaded the cooldown timer.


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