Numbers generator vs odds is baffling

I need someone from scopley to answer this. Why is the percentages so skewed in offers, bags and wheels? With the random number generator “suposedly” making it almost unlikely anyway to get the prize we are after, why drop percentages to less than 1%?

Example is the pathway offer for a chance at a crossbone or a lilith. Why make the percentage to get a crossbone 0.5% and a lilith 99.5%? Wouldn’t most still get lilith percentage wise if it was a 10% vs 90%??
It shouldn’t even be called a pathway offer. Just rename it to a lilith offer with an unlikely chance to get something other than!


Same reason rewards say you get something, like Max Mods, but then it’s not what the reward is?
It’s too get participation from people who would otherwise not?

The question here is rather - how can the “random number generator” calculate the percentage?.. :thinking:
P. S. If there is a percent, then the probability of it (“the percentage of fortune”) put in RNG in the manual thus: 1. It’s not RNG. 2. It can be increased for the happiness of players… :smirk:


It was explained years ago by a Dev something like this- you roll a 100 sided die, it has to hit a set number say 1, then you reroll to hit that number again with a % added to maybe get that number.

This was so long ago and really sounded like talking out ass explanation. It was also a lot longer how they said it, but not much detail because it is super secret he could not go into detail.

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That’s what I’m talking about, that they (Scopely) in the “RNG” exhibit (programmers) percentage of deposition, and the “RNG”, it turns out, just for the view…
P. S. There is a program in which exposed a chance of loss means “RNG” not in the game… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well they did wait till just days before being removed from stores to add percentage. I personally believe the numbers are only compliance numbers with no way to be real, when you watch the patterns in game.


Odds of getting anything worthwhile in this game are low. I used 7 crossbones to potentially receive 20k coins and have pulled bennies every time.


That’s what I figured…i mean if you have anything less than 1% of a chance then out of 100 people pulling, 100 people wouldn’t get it…its mathematically impossible for a computer to compute a 0.5% randomly!

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The computer will randomly choose a number out of 200. With 1 of them getting the .5% reward…

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Rng doesn’t have to be out of 100. I used 1 to make a simple roulette game in school, 0-36 and set which numbers pay out for odd, even, red, black, etc

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To a computer, calculating 0.5% odds pseudorandomly is no different than calculating 1% odds pseudorandomly. Computers don’t struggle with fractions.


Rng doesn’t have to be out of 100, you’re right! But percentages are basically just that…im just wondering why use both. Doesn’t seem to go together. Or theyre making it more complicated and less random than it has to be. Just do away with the random number generator it’s flawed in so many ways

nah this it’s done
is ur account tagged
yes, give worst option possible
if not next
are u a whale
no give worst possible option
if yes next
are u really a whale, insert credit card here
here is.premier toon


that is false

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This thread made me lol.

‘Wont most’

Yes. But far fewer as is than as proposed.

The answer is in the statisitcs.

Lol…exactly. it’s how you can pull 50 times and always get the same thing. How one person can consistently pull one toon over and over or get the prize constantly while the Next person misses every time. The only way that can mathematically work is if each particular event you’re given a set amount of numbers to randomly pull instead of all the numbers.


nah br0, scoeply has hired 1k Nigerians to sit there and wait.for.someone to pull, when they do, they kick into action, that’s why there us always a.bit if lag between pulls and.toons coming out, they are busy working it out based on my logic

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Haha no skilled programmers so they went to unskilled foreign workforce.
With them it is higher odds to be true, then pulling current promos.

Uses 350 out of 600 coins got from solo league ranking
Needs the 5 broken lucilles and ends up getting the Mask because of its precentage being the most :unamused:

Opens one gets a four star📉