Number of team slots

I think it would be great to have more team slots. Another half dozen or so at least. These days I have all kinds of toons organized by team and I’m running out of space

I’d like to have tabs to sort team by usage. i.e. a tab or page for attack teams, one for defs, one for farming and tt teams, etc.


That would be pretty cool, takes my team organization to the next level.

The UI needs work that’s for sure. I mean we can’t even move a preexisting team up or down or slot in a new one. Its just awful.

I still want a SR roster. I’m sick of having to shuffle or use auto every stage.


I’d definitely like the ability to move teams around into a more useful order without having to redo them.


OMG yes, a drag interface on the team slots would be incredible

SR teams would be the best. It’s such a grind changing teams and auto fill is dumb with s class. Takes ages to find Lopez…


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