Nugget event (title must be 15 bleh)

So I know the nugget event was kind of meh. But what happens if we had like a perma version of it think of like one of those arcades where you collect tickets and you can trade them in for rewards more you have better the reward
So let’s say that’s we have like a depo store for it on supply depo and the rewardds changed weekly tje rewards would be varied from gear to bennidicts and 4* weapons with unique mods on to a ascenndable recruit
If we had some sort of roadmap or way to farm them we could have turned a meh event into decent depot its an idea. So post thoughts below

Faction assault /closethread

Yup, thats why there are suggestions to add collections that can be traded for the museum collection points, which I think is a good idea since the points are just for show as of now.

They should give an option of trading for a 3* (like Ezekiel the First), that can be traded for a 4*… And up till a 5* ascendable. So that active (F2P) users can be rewarded.