Nugget event deadline + this weekend's leaked prizes



Hey guys!
I’ve just noticed that the nugget collection event (museum pull) will end in approximately 2 days and 19 hours.

Based on the leaked photos of the rewards for this upcoming week’s tournaments, the rank rewards awarded will be nuggets. This means that when we do receive them, we won’t be able to pull our items from the museum and therefore, the nuggets will be useless. Can we please get a definite answer in regards to the nugget event being prolonged for us to utilise these or will the rank rewards be changed? In case there has been an oversight.

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Thanks in advance!

Edit: There will be roughly a 2-3 hour window to claim your stuff from the museum after the events end, so set your alarms in order to not miss out. Scroll down to find the time sheet I’ve made for the deadlines in the different timezones. They should be correct but please feel free to double check it. :slight_smile:

Faction Survival Road 29th (30th) December 2017 Start Times

I think it won’t be prolonged and they won’t change de prize structure.

And we are going to get territory refills as “Sorry”


afaik this happened before aswell but can’t recall how it was handled. I guess the collections were put back up for a limited time.

Don’t rush to turn in your nuggets for consolation collections if such thing happens before they have time to put collections back again


I’ll send PMs to the devs as well to alert them to this, so hopefully, the deadline to turn in the nuggets in the museum will be prolonged. Hang tight, good folks!

Edit: PM sent. Hopefully we get answers. :slight_smile:


They’re all on break. Good Fucking luck bro. If you get this fixed for us, you are a legend my friend


Are you sure ?
From VK :

  • solo level up : duration 2 days and 11 hours - start in 3h30 --> end in 2 days, 14hours, 30min

  • tournament road : duration 2 days and 6 hours - start in 7h30 --> end in 2 days, 13hours, 30min

  • Collection end in 2 days, 17 hours, 30 minutes

We have 3hours to get rewarded and collect from museum


But the calender says it’ll end in Monday


3h for those who aint sleep or working etc back then… new year ppl have lot of things to do that play


+1, i will sleep until collect museum ^^


Duration is not exact on vk it can be longer than the time left on screenshot.

1 vk group does not say anything about duration. Other one says 2d11h but posts a ss of 2d19h left.



They do traditionally give more than 3 hours to collect and cash in event tokens.

But they will probably respond with sorry boutcha we can’t change the time we don’t know how.


Either way, if the events end 3 hours before deadline, it would still be cutting it close for the people who happen to be on the side of the Earth where sleep is an inconvenience. :frowning: I don’t think many would set alarms to wake up after the events end and wait for rewards to come in just to finish their collections.


It’s just some regular Scopley BS imo. :smile:


Thanks @Goddess


All remaining nuggets will be exchanged for legendary Tara gear.


For the uk the event ends and collection end when no most people are either going to work or getting up to. That’s pretty inconvenient imo and not fair if people have to miss out on tiring in the nuggets as it is the main sr prize.


A solo level up after this amazing raid tourney???
It’s like the game new I was sick and that only cure was more level ups


Bank holiday Monday! no work for me :ok_hand: but as usual stupid times for those in Europe


I really don’t trust Scopely to do the right thing here…

Museum reset screwed over people who pulled before original timer reset

Scopely should have gave their new directive a second thought before implementing it