Now when we have leagues


Let’s sort regions activity depending on the leagues placement, platinum factions in platinum region etc
Rewards should get better in higher leagues regions obviously
This will protect smaller players from being demolished by huge spenders and will provide the competition to those who are looking for it


This will also increase faction loyalty I believe :thinking:


Unfortunately will not happen as the game is currently set up.

  1. Rewards. Placing 1st as opposed to 2nd in war is more lucrative than the league reward earnings. Therefor factions will chase being #1 more often than pushing for competition. This entire game is placement driven, as such does not promote increased competition.

  2. League scoring also depends on activity and effectiveness against your opponents. Running the table repeated and quickly is worth more than fighting long drawn out battles in most cases.

Now how to address this wholisticly.

A. Special competitive regions. Prizes to suit the level of place. Decrease prizes in non competitive regions.

B. League wars! Match and fight against the factions in groups of 25. That’s right! Certainly factions would want to battle it out if the ibcentives were right… Right??? Sadly doubt it however.


I love league feature, at least i’ll get bunch of coins every week, hehehehehe… thanks scopely ! Love you all !


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