Now THAT (would have been) a stash worth playing for

Worst Sclass to date granted, but it’s definitely a stash that’s going to make players play hard again.
Just make sure it’s completable with grinding Scopely or it’s pointless.


It’s looking like p2p of course


Looks like pay to play only. Merry Christmas

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It’s p2p it seems, already offers for it

A whale would correct the title of this post… “Now THAT is a stash worth PAYING for”
And the cycle of shittiness continues.


OH FFS!!! Learn how to bring your customers back Scopely!


6 days to get 28 items. Only way to get pulls as of now is $5 per pull =\

At first I thought that’s what the title said :joy:

Fit’s offer is available - I took it, not so expensive, second offer 4xtime the price of first offer For one pull ? Damn :slight_smile:

28 pulls within 7 days, my guess is it a p2p stash

This stash is the equivalent of the Joshua stash based on the game economy then and the game economy now.
The Joshua stash was grindable. Why isn’t this one?!?

Ooh i know they r just grinding us customers

It has to be a grinding stash, it just has to be…

Scopely in the Christmas spirit?


Nah after others pointed it out, I checked the offers and it states that you have to buy all the offers to complete it. Absolute BS!

Clif i believe u shud edit the topic heading

Four years.

Four f_cking years.

Four years this game has been around, and yet people still cling to the hope that something like this would be grindable?!?

3,000 S-Class items, a handful of Platinum Mods and an S-Class toon. Grindable?



As said above, the Joshua one was. And there was a good grindable one before that too.

Good point. Will do

Edit: Done

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You mean the Hordes stash? Arguably it was alright. Not on the same level.

The other one you might mean is the one which had 1,000 Cakes, Cones and Keys (can’t recall event) but again, no where near the same level.

Nice stash. Im more interested in the mods tbh