Now that the og list of legacy toons are done with

When will we see the rollout of the 2nd round of legacy toons? @kalishane, can you give us a hint as to who will be the first toon on the list or perhaps a timeline when we might see the first be ascendable?

It’s been a few weeks since the list was announced and I think alot of us are curious to see the ball get started rolling. :slight_smile:


Probably after this Lori event (maybe even Lucas event) is done with, or maybe a few weeks after that. I can almost guarantee you though that we will get a peek after this event.

when we will see a nice tutor 6 *

She already hinted at who the first toon would be!

*disclaimer I’m joking but this is what came to my mind reading that suggestion

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is that I really want those 12 exp points for battle, (I hope that in this way my sarcasm is understood)

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I got it the first time lol

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Too bad I was 28k supply markers short of him. Selling the hell out of my trainers and toons.


It seemed like since the list came out all of those characters have moved into the higher bracket have Prestige and the depot for me anyways. So I’d say if you get any chances of it being in the Lesser I would say take them

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