Now that armory is done, how about scavenger camps?

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First off, really enjoying the armoury overhaul. Looks great and we now have a lot more end game content for the vets to play around with.

Now that it’s been done, how about the Devs take a serious look at the scav missions? I hope they are already on the case as this area of the game is in a glaringly obvious need of an overhaul to bring up to become relevant for the demands of s-class levelling and new armoury gear demands.

For example, scav missions are inundated with missions such as this…

I can’t think of a player who would let this mission run.

Now would be an excellent opportunity to revamp the whole scav mission structure and really give the player base another means to obtain relevant gear and trainers via the scav camps, help with levelling missions (such as you got lucky) etc.

The armoury must have taken a lot of work, I’ll admit, although we really need the scav camps now to be useful. At the moment, the only real benefit I find from them is You Got Lucky and that comes around once a fortnight for me.

Please consider!!!


Word on the street is that they don’t have the capability to change things. The fact that it’d be a easy fix to simply boost the rewards a little without changing any underlying mechanics kind of shows that.

Rumour has it they lost the staff/team who programmed it and they have f_ck all idea how to change things without royally screwing it up…​


I that’s the case, it’s unfortunate. But it’s really an area that could be utilised to help the gear and levelling issues at present.

We can but hope.

So I dont understand why they cant hire someone to fix scavenger missions?
Surely there are some coders out their that can break the code.

How about expanding the town past that wall?

A couple houses / training grounds would be great.


It’ll cost money though, that they probably don’t want to spend

That excuse has always sounded like bullshit to me. It feels like they said that to deflect criticism away from their inherent laziness.

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To be fair, so could event milestones and rewards. It’s not that they don’t have any avenues to hand out these things, it’s that they don’t want to. As long as that doesn’t change, if they introduced more gear/xp in scav camps, they’d just remove the amount available in tournaments and other places.

Perhaps. Gotta feel like there was a quick win to be had by just buffing everything. Turn flaks into watches, add a zero on all the quantities etc

Maybe they can ask the Russians how to fix scavenger missions?

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More like it won’t generate them any revenue


Good to see a Usagi Yojimbo fan

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I’m a fan of the ninja tribunal

@bun - Thanks for your input and positive feedback :slight_smile: I will let the team know about your thread on scavenger missions.



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