Now that andrea sheild can be t4 is she even effective?

Being she is a t1 toon is she even going to be strong enough to withstand hits with all these new t2 toons out? Or is it just a complete waste of money? What’s ur thoughts ? Do you think scopley should change her stats to a t2 toon because she was release before they started making the t2 toons?

It is a waste…too bad i can’t resist

Ive not had issues with her. She looks more like an attacking shield. Not sure if ive faced a maxed out version but bruce bangs her around pretty good.


So essentially, the justification for buffing Andrea is because she’s going to die ? On the basis of not wanting overpowered toons to an exclusive club, my answer is no to all


Honestly with the release of Bruce as free to play most shields have become useless, personal opinion but having ad doesnt really do much anymore, same as impair, ap down, etc. Only reason why I use magna still is because not everyone has a disarm and buys time for my team to rush, I think as of right now yellow shields aren’t as good as they were (which most considered the best color of a shield) I personally dont think andrea is worth it with all the bruces now out, I would reccomend a shield that takes less damage from a green. (EX: ajax)


Imho, lots of people said by the time she is maxed and usable she will be outdated, people were so excited to get a shield and they plugged their ears, stompped their feet and said “NO! Andrea will defend everything, forever!” Some of us laughed at the ones who paid for this shield and now the day has come, this is about the 5th thread asking for an Andrea buff and imo, you got what you paid for, you knew her stats, rush, etc and you paid for it. If i buy a phone today and tomarrow a new one comes out that has more processors, more ram, a better screen, do i get to get that new phone because i paid for this one? No. I got what i paid for. Also… Many of us told ya so :wink: i slap Andrea around with my bruce and cut her head off with alpha, both i got for free. :man_shrugging:


She’s the exact same level as the other shields… people complaining about the shield revive meta but that’s all they want for themselves lol.

Effective on offence. Not very good to go all out defence.

I also question if it’s worth 6s or hold the gear in hopes of some new offering. Club seems pointless without another toon to level so I’ll cancel before the next renewal.

The club was always pointless, though. None of the “perks” were EVER worth that price tag. :man_shrugging:


They never buffed prestige michonne so I wouldn’t expect them to buff her

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She a shield, yellow so she can hold 8% weapon which is what the meta is, and leader skill. She is very useful

The question about do we think her stats should be raised? Why would they? Did they buff Erikas stats because people paid hundreds for her and shes not too tier anymore? Should we up koa’s stats because a new green shield came out? No…thats how the game works

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tbh with Donny lead and right set up she is working nice at tier 3 maxed though i am nit planing to go for another month to make her tier 4

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I’ve went against a cpl at t3 that were built decent. She’s a shield you don’t want to rush bc it can get you a little fucked up.

Raided about 10 max Andreas and imo she is the worst shield gets killed turn one most of the time with Bruce & Alpha

As close as I can get. Unfortunately I have to do another month :unamused:

Are you talking about upgrades get her to tier 2 or changing her stats to generation 2. If that is the case that you are wanting her to have G2 stats then no I don’t and personally you should of thought about that before buying the survivors club and either way she would of become less useful eventually just happened to be sooner rather than later.

not many def teams can resist the turn 2 combos with shawn etc she will still be effective against other teams

Yep attack toon imo