Now it takes 4 swipes to get to Faction Chat....w/ Poll


Awesome now it takes 4 swipes to get to our Faction Chat. :smirk:

Seriously how hard is it to make FC the first thing that pops up. NO ONE cares about the territory log or the league chat. Move them over for the people who want to use them but it’s annoying to have to swipe so many times especially during war when we need to monitor the chat.

Since it seems like we need a poll to get things noticed here goes.

  • Make Faction chat first.
  • Leave it as is. I love log.

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@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely Thank you.


Yes, I love opening my game to the territory log. Seeing all those territories drop to walkers is real fun, I could care less about what my faction is saying and don’t need to swipe over all those times!


“Oh look, all the weapon crafting regions are overrun by walkers again. Neat!”


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