Now cheaters just spit in our faces




And we invest money to fight these cheatengine users?


Few words, just a long hard sigh, and “Why is this normal?” come to mind.


Send it to the cheater email and they will take care of it… lmao :joy:. They won’t do anything


You won’t get compensation for the money invested and the cheaters will still be playing months from now.

I know from experience.


Its such a shame this has been such a long standing issue that has had no positive outcome for the community. In fact it has the opposite :frowning: it just seems to be getting worse.


Spoiler alert - the video @Justabox made for cheating in crw resulted in no ban or any action taken - they said in the forum that the culprits were identified and dealt with - this is not at all true… In all honesty either scopely can not identify blatant cheats or they just don’t care… there are more popping up every day


There to busy with faction assault to care :(:cry:


Don’t bring it up. This video is about a guy that couldn’t beat a team and just automatically assumed its cheating. There’s no proof there. He shows us a toon and says OMG its already t4!, when t4 looks different, then he goes through weapons, they are good, but can be done fairly. No illegal mods.


Following :slight_smile:




@booingot the person @Justabox was talking about IS a confirmed cheater, though. His original account had been banned for cheating just a month or two prior.

I’m all for giving people the benefit of a doubt, personally, but there’s literally no doubt in this case.


Can‘t help it but looking at these scores makes me lol.


Hey ya Nel :slight_smile:


My point wasn’t whether the cheating was confirmed or not - my point was that they went on the forums to put out the fire and said the culprit had been identified and dealt with - I can assure you nothing ever happened lol


Hey you :slight_smile:


I will not confirm it was “l word” lol. I will tell you absolutely nothing was done to those in question