Now about that gear map


Which gear map is incoming and when can we expect it? Please and thank you @kalishane

Also the red can parts would be an acceptable solution to me.


No you cannot get a gear map even though you spent a whole lot of cash getting toons. Buy our awesome packs and spend more money now! Spend or see those toons stay as T1… muhahahahaha



Waiting on confirmation of what type of map.


do gear maps drop beanies?


The funny thing is, there is already a ‘Package’ purchasable for the gear map with world Energy and one random boost for the fight. :wink:


I’d be ok with one of those old fashioned triple gear maps, haven’t seen those in awhile.

Boots and such then go onto flaks and beanies then bags and walkies, sure it’s a ton of energy but the gear is sorely needed.

Whatever pops is cool, need everything lol


BEANIES!!! This is all i am asking for!


we need more epic gear. We dont need beanies/flak or walkie/school bags. 2 tournament milestones for radios, but where are the watches? why so one sided


Last gear map was for beanies and flaks, we need ultimate gear map or ultra rare please.


What you guys really need is for us newbies to become stronger so you wont have to fight all them 6* teams :stuck_out_tongue:


ultra rare gear map please!


last gear map was elite rare gear


Beanies and flakes lol



Be great if both were put out


I wonder what will happen if none of us is asking about gear map. Will Scopely keep quiet too?


Aiming for 10 PM PT !

Regarding other weekly gear maps.
We’re working on designing a few new gear maps that I think you all will enjoy! I believe will be a bit more frequent. (Not entirely up-to-date on the details just yet.)


What type of gear map will it be? @kalishane


Is it ultra or ultimate ?? Elite rare was last one so ultra or ultimate should be due. Ultimate, again would save so much Hassel. Has beanies and flaks and walkies and school bags.


You’ve been talking bout the “new gear map” for FOUR months! How much longer we have to wait? 1 year?