November Offer is available now


No thanks. Hard pass.

October Offer was great and I really thought they caught lightning in a bottle and we would see a steady progression in the right direction.

One step forward… two back.


Yeah, it’s pretty average.
It’s not even a full pull. If it was 100 I would consider it more.


It’s different because of exchange rates.
It’s $14.99 for me (New Zealand)


My best bet is, that they have variable pricing.

For some info, check this thread:

This post has a nice video about how this works:


Forgot to add that the price is in Canadian dollars :wink:


Did we really need a post here to announce the offer? I’ve only seen the offer popup 6 times this morning in game.



Oh my god!
A grenades and some other shite for $13.99!! Totally worth it! But it would have been better with a bloody shirt!


Need a post to announce the offer? Probably not.

Need a post to voice displeasure? Probably.


Lmao. I don’t see why y’all don’t like this offer. It’s a pretty good deal I must say.




/s = end sarcastic comment.

I was mocking the offer popups.