November Calendar WTH

Really Scopes this is shameful @GR.Scopely


Cant seem to get updated calendar anymore till week already started. Only sure thing is level up starting later as usual on sunday


Ikr any info on events etc if your lucky comes out after they’ve started, just don’t get it☹️

Waiting for approval

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Shouldn’t be too difficult or take very long though. Considering all we get anymore is 2 level ups and a random other tourney each week. Pure lameness.

No reason they couldn’t have that figured out a week ago…

Kinda surprised they went and created the new blog, seeing how they obviously have more to do than they can handle already… :roll_eyes:


Finalizing the super awesome over the top blow your mind rewarding thanksgiving event I’m sure.

It will make up for the below the belt kick to the nuts with steel toe boots Halloween event.

Stay tuned!


Hopefully when they do update the calendar, we get one those mythical events called a raid event and possibly a start date for the FA event so that we know what weeks it’ll be running.

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They have yet to put the two level ups in yet for this next week. Just wait.

Better be a raid in their got 81 cans

I don’t get why we suddenly need to know it’s stretch 8. We managed fine without a permanent reminder it was stretched 1-7. Telling us first and last week of a new stretch, I can just about see, but it just clogs it and looks confusing.

FYI Scopely - I mean, an ongoing season stretch is not event. If you think it is suddenly an event, we’ll, it’s not.

And we really need some events. A faction level up would be good. Raids. Onslaught. Hordes. The next much one event. Something. Give us a bit of variety and something to do. Please.


Thank god I’m not the only one that thinks the layout of this calendar is goofy. I mean it’s hard to look at and has so many things we don’t need to see.

It’s funny back when there was only level up, raid, sr, and war, they used to have a pretty regular schedule that had multiple events on going at most times. Now that they have hordes, onslaught, and since they consider territories and event now too, they have less events at one time, almost no over lap.

I get with transfers this week has been about solo events but there is absolutely no reason for such little amount of in game things to do. Could have had a solo raid, could have had hordes. Nope we will give you a level up which takes no real commitment and territories which again should only ever be considered a back ground event.


It’s ironic that there was too much once you’d spent 20-30 mins on each michonne roadmap (which is when they needed to mark a real ongoing event), but the « Halloween event » didn’t give players much to do (other than complain about the coin conversion rate at the end) and these new additions are confusing. Maybe they are designed to distract away from the lack of anything.




Maybe it’s on the awesome new blog that offers all the information you ever want or need… :joy:

Waaaaaait a minute the blog offers nothing, like the recent rewards.:poop:

Ok so how about super secret line chat where all the real info is shared.:male_detective:‍♂

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Looks like you don’t care about the players uh @GR.Scopely … maybe we need third cm

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the November calendar is the worst ever comon Scopley fix the mess up please


Werkend CM seems like a good shout

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It’s a good shout, but they would need more than one. Funnily enough, it seems to always be the weekend events that get messed about the most because they click a button to activate the event on the Friday and pop off home for the weekend, leaving us to vent all weekend, lol.


Hopefully they aproved it on late Friday & sent info to the CM cause Mondays a holiday in the u.s. so HQ won’t be open

It’s updated now