Notorious Recruiting


Notorious is looking to add a couple (2-4) high caliber players, specifically in the Pacific Time Zone or later (later from the East coast time zone). Notorious won Leagues the first season and has won every CRW since Transfer (only two lost matches TOTAL). That said, we dont care about leagues anymore lol. If you think you might want to check us out, let me know. Send me a PM or add me on Line app, bane909

Can be late late night East Coast
Late night central
Pacific time.
Hawaii time.
Mountain time.


After facing notorious in onslaught y’all weren’t as good as I thought y’all were gonna be.


Lol, yawnslaught is a such a good indicator


If you say so.


I’m holding out for a competitive benefits package. :hugs:


Crap if notorious isnt grinding for 1st in leagues then scopelys gonna have a melt down, that was some nice money they got, at least they will have stacks of pancakes for xmas


They’ll still coin to compete in crw $$$ and by the looks of their teams they’ll be coining a lotttttt


Best of luck Notorious! Abusement Park is also recruiting :slightly_smiling_face:


Your crazy. In diamond 5, faction in diamond 4… we got wrecked. I was lucky to get all four hits off. They are legit.


Jolly gee willikers Batman! Cool story!


Asking all the wrong questions lol

1.Beef is expensive in this game, who is notorious currently in a blood feud with.

  1. How many Canadians ?
    Follow up question, a lot can be said about Sir Lancelot , what say you?

  2. Do you drag out a beating or do you prolong it

Bonus question: were Ross and Rachel on a break?


AP, as always. Mortal enemies

3 I think, although all three are French Canadian

His name is carried on the wings of a swallow


Forever and always, on a break. Rachel said she need a break from “us”, therefore, on a break


Say hi to Torri and send him back to DP😀


If I ever want to be on top of the world to prove the earth is flat, i’ll give you a call. and yes, pacific time zone


Yeah but i suck


Do you place top 3 in aow?


If this is directed at Notorious, then yes. We place first


My account is wide open.


good enough


If your emblem is that stupid skull nobody is interested