Noticing all the hate on Davie

I see everyone complaining about Davie in the other 2 threads about level up toons. I’ve got Davie but haven’t tier 4d him yet since I’ve been on the fence about him, but was wondering since I have 2 blue negans whether they’d work well on attack. Any thoughts?


Well, i think davie isn’t that bad if you use him well in a bleed team. But I don’t, and i have already bryan and sandy who have a similar but for me better adre. So I will pick douglas and be happy with him.

Buf if you have two negan and difficulty with tanky teams, yeah I think you can find a good way to use him

Is he the worst? No. Is he the best? No. But you can make a badass bleed team with him, since you have bleed negan, if you have others like knox, yellow shiva, green rick, red madison, he will go well with those also. He can put in a lot of damage on greens and with the other bleed toons he could be a monster but… 85 ap just sucks! He needs huge ap when attacking on his weapon and a huge ap when attacking leader and even then will still need an 8% ap knife on a yellow or a commander to help him rush. Also his weapon is bleed when being attacked not when attacking, if it was when attacking like shiva or his rush was lower ap then hell yea! He is ok, not the best, not the worst but you really need a team to help him as i said. Imho i would rather have another toon in his place like a disarm, decap, neutralizer, revive/healer, commander, a control toon with taunt or something than davie. Thats the issue with davie, he will take up a spot that could have a better toon in it and you need other toons to help him out.

Short verson - Use the gear, lilths, etc and save that spot on your attack team for someone better.

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Princess too

Pretty sure his design is better than the majority of toons out there tho so he’s got that going for him


Ok, thanks for the input everyone. Might try to have some fun with maybe Andrea lead, Davie, 2 blue negans, and Holly. But I’m high, so might rethink it later. Just trying to make him useful. He’s a cool looking toon. Shame to not use him.

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And just looked. Negans AR is 66 and 750 bleed for 2 turns, so kinda quick. Davie can turn one to 1500 right away.

Davie requires a few toons to synergize and be useful. Toons most folks dont have or have neglected. Whereas Marlon and Eric can slot in and synergize with several rather common toons.


I just wanna do over 100k bleed damage with lacerator in FA.


“Recovers from all penalties”

Not a bad character to be totally honest with you. People are upset because the last characters was either new gen or a popular telltale one.

I know i’m one of the guy who complain about Davie but I just don’t need him, and his set up is specific to one kind of team, that is not mine.
Do I think he deserves the #1 spot on the level up solo event? No. But it is what it is, and that’s good for those who want Douglas.

I don’t have Davie or many Bleed Characters.So really I couldn’t Judge.Guessing a Bleed team cloud be fun and different from the Meta Alice stuff.It’s not like Scopelys going to give her to you from level up lol.

paid toon that barely anyone uses after paying for him never seen one on defend at all

I got him for free from some tokens event few months ago. His 85AP makes him not suitable for defence but i use him in my attack team.
Huge AP on attc leader + huge AP on attc weapon and he’s ready on turn 3.
His active skill is more important tho.

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