Noticed 6 star Dwight bugs


I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but recently ascended 6* Dwight I noticed a couple of bugs with him and his weapon

  1. His weapon doesn’t appear in my inventory so I can not upgrade it

  2. You can change his weapon I have plenty of toons whom have set weapons can never be changed. But when you change it you can’t re select it till you remove him from party as his weapon isn’t in the inventory

  3. Just used him in the last sr attacked a red garret with stun using his adrenaline rush and he got stunned I repeated this to see if it was a one of glitch and he got stunned again.


None are bugs actually.

1 & 2. His weapon is the same as a default. It’s not a fixed/special weapon like Shiva or Priya.

  1. Even though it’s a rush, each of his attacks are susceptible of being stunned, impaired or blocked. They are treated like regular attacks.