Notice anything wrong with This?


Here’s my Crw leader board, looks normal right?

Let’s look a little deeper shall we,

Damn they have some hard working players don’t they,let’s have a look at their stats ey?


Another event ruined by cheats, thankfully they didn’t get first, but still got a top slot taking rewards from legit factions .
The faction they are in are clearly aware of this ,and the accounts are potentially secondary accounts so they can get rewards on there mains.

To stop this scopley need to be ruthless on cheating, take a couple of weeks and monitor scores in events (you only really need to do the top few scores) and if anyone is found to be cheating remove them, and if it’s a faction event nullify the faction so it can’t get rewards, if the faction can’t get rewards from cheat accounts they will stop allowing them in their faction


10$ for Ivette one of the greatest supports in the game btw
Ugh I’m so tired of this, feel sorry for you

Scopely stop the surprise box thing, we can reroll it by switching devices


What do u mean


At those levels that’s weird as hell, but a guy in my faction damn near broke 800k but he ain’t level 30


I mean that their surprise box policy is easily exploited by many people


U mean by hackers



At least seven characters post


Share how to exploit the surprise box = end of the exploit


I’ve sent them a video


Ok cause I was gonna buy couple of those box but I change my mind


Odds are shit anyways


That’s what I remember and choose to save my coins for a big pull


Rather this thread didn’t speak about how to use an exploit, im fed up of cheats, they destroyed my region scopley took to long to deal with them almost a year and we are feeling the affects of it.

So to match us with more in CRW is an insult, its bad enough as match ups we havent matched once with a region that is comparable always finishing 7th/8th




Cheating don’t make the game fun they need to take they time and go through all these region and ban all these cheater





I fight some faction and before I can do 1 attack I got blow up they are using the 1/HP cheat


Only banning the whole faction makes sense


@kalishane get your team and look into your game and ban all these cheater if your going to cheat why play