Nothing But The Truth - @kalishane And Fellow Players


Hello all,

I have been a player and a reader of the forum since this game started – ive put my share of money on this (almost prestige 13) but I never expected that my purchased goods will live forever thus ill start by saying that 6* rendering 5* obsolete aren’t a surprise for me. That being said, we can all argue how things could have been much better with all the “ifs” the player base has.

  1. Scopely’s way of doing things: first we all need to admit that it’s a business thus profit is number 1 priority - however the difference between scopely and EA games for example is corporate brand image - scopely is mainly making its living out from this game and will milk it as much as possible while EA builds 100’s of games yearly and “marketing their brand” through star wars game for example is more important than the game profitability itself thus u can’t compare other games to this as the background is always different specially that it’s obvious that scopely does not have an objective to build a fan base of their corporate brand. It’s just a way of doing business, we don’t like it, but it’s still a way.
    Remember: negative advertising is still advertising ;).

  2. 6* nerfing: many theories were out about why - imo 2 simple facts led to buffing the 6* stats:
    Round 1 and round 2 teams were killing the war event revenue for scopely - 1 faction dominated each region where no one even insta and almost everybody farmed refills with occasionally repairing once. Then with gear for 6tier 4 being far from being released only way to render rd1 & rd2 teams obsolete was by buffing 6 general stat so that on tier3 there is no way to use those rd1&2 teams. BTW that was the only reason war was stopped for 2 months - so that 6* are rolled out into teams - and to prevent can farming before rd1 rd2 teams are killed which was also killing the refills purchase.

  3. Existing ascendable 5* VS new ascendable 5* (now 6* directly from pulls);
    Now this is the kind of shit that’s unacceptable - u can’t make announcements then do exactly the opposite because it didn’t suit you Scopely. Scopely knew that bluntly launching 6* toons will cause mass retirements so being smarter than what we think the developers are - they reached deep and found a way to make 6* exist without pissing off the player base in a hard way. However the unexpected step back that players took on pulling from premier recruits really hit their revenue specially with wars being on pause, which forced them to put 6* directly in premiere recruits and holding on releasing any new existing 5* as ascendable as they did barker for example to push more pulls despite the simple fact that players were not pulling just because of the slow AR’s of 6*. Sadly imo scopely’s maneuver worked and from what I saw in my faction alone – pulls were being made at a good rate again.

  4. We all have our views and our opinions on what should have happened and all the whys and ifs wont change a thing - so as a fellow player I said this to my faction:" I will survive as long as I can with what I have - I’m not quitting but I’m no longer spending like I did before - I’m done pulling and going on rage pulls" although I admit doing a few single pulls on that negan lol. But Imagine ideas to make this game much more enjoyable while making scopely’s profit hit the roof with an ecstatic, happy player base, stuff like this:

Before a toon is launched into premiere recruits (say 1 week earlier) - a solo raid event has below prize structure:
1st Place Prize: free 40 pulls for this toon when launched in premiere recruits - 1 week access on using its maxed version (until it appears in premiere) – Any 4 Bags
2nd Place Prize: Free 20 pulls for this toon when launched in premiere recruits - 1 week access on using its maxed version (until it appears in premiere) – Any 3 Bags
3rd-10th Place Prize: 10 Free pulls for this toon when launched in premiere recruits - 1 week access on using its maxed version (until it appears in premiere) – Any 2 Bags

Milestones can now have 5* tokens – gear or whatever the hell scopely likes to put in prizes that the player base hates.

So I ask scopely, and the players, how much advertising will that toon get before its appearance on premier pulls, thus how much more pulls will occur? how much will players compete more to win that tourney?

Even every now and then instead of 40 free pulls - a tourney that actually offers the toon itself or a faction SR tourney giving all 30 members free pulls – faction competition will be off the charts!!!
Sadly ideas like this are plenty all around except on this game. From all my heart @kalishane I love this game but the its seriously being run badly.
At the end of my very short post :wink: – all I can say is that I was bored @ work but I seriously love my fellow teammates – I love the walking dead – I love this game, unfortunately all I can say is:
“Yes scopely, I’ll keep surviving, but in the way that fits me best”
Good Luck to you all fellow players – see you on the battlefield.


Nice idea that, like the thought of free pulls in prem for prizes, not all the time maybe but it’s a good idea.


Too much from anything is surely bad for any game - that’s essentially what’s arguably the worst thing on rts - they just drown us with the same over and over and over…



I like your thoughts and the tone of your post.
I can also think there might be some truth to your hypothesis/theories (2) and (3)! It would be perfect, if there could be any official comment on this…

What I still find the most confusing issue, is that Scopely does NOT get their communication with the players right.
AND there are a lot of unfulfilled expectations and promises made.

The most recent ‘issues’ about the plastic pieces come to my mind - How can a new and cool way (0 energy = free gift) lead to a total outrage on the player base?
There were just a few word missing on a couple on announcements - and all would be fine.

Same issue also with the ‘nerfing’ of war cans/ Aden drops or Lilith drop on the world map.
Why isn’t Scopely communicating more offensively about their changes?
Communication is key to build trust - and trust is more expensive than coins.


Nice try, incognito. lol

Very valid points indeed


I hear you twin, communication is surely key - however as i said, imo, their corporate brand aint at the level of the likes of EA so all what they are losing is potential future which they cant see sadly cause the current revenue blinds them.

Only if scopely’s will on investing into building that trust a bit - on another hand i can also see that no matter what players will keep nagging and keep reflecting unsatisfaction which might be an added reason to scopely’s current state of handling everything.

We all love this game - wether we say it or deny it, we all do, i just wish we could seriously help more than blabber in a post like this :slight_smile:

Thx for ur input


Thanks for sharing UR-Nightmare.

Question: Wouldn’t it be frustrating to work hard, get that pull, and then get a character that someone may consider (worthless). As a player – I feel like in the end, this would be more frustrating than “feel good.” Just curious what you think?


As a top player the most frustrating thing when it comes to rewards is to deal with RNG, especially when the wheel you turn only can give you 1 or 2 toons that actually would benefit you more then a Benedict.

For all the players in the top 2 factions in my region, getting 2 benedicts would be better then the given 5* tokens.

And yes we did spend coins to win 1st, but that wasnt for the 5* tokens. But because war is fun, atleast CRW.

So anticlimactic to get allmost 2 fooder toons for 1st place in a CRW:/


First id like to thank you for takin the trouble of replying to this post amidth the the 100s of mentions u get

To answer ur question @kalishane, logic always leads to a unique truth - so i say as i did earlier, complaints will always be there, change is what was meant from that prize and moreover showing the will to give an up to date prize (or a chance at them). To go more deep into the result of such event if it happened - a player’s reaction will be generated 90% from the general feel of the game imo and 10% from thd result of the itself / if i ad a player get a variation of the possible drop from bags / pulls etc in general - despite that i will be disappointed from not getting my wished drop on that particular pull i wont over exaggerate however when 95% of the drops are always the worst podsible drop i will surely act different. So again it all goes back to how players perceive scopely in general.

I assure u though - at least i talk about myself - if i buy refil raid bags for example and get a x6 drop i stop immediatly cause im 100% sure the next 5-10bags will drop the x2 or x3 if im lucky however if my previous several experiences was different i would surely buy more then accept the occasional bad drops.

Hope i helped and forgive me as english aint my 1st language

Thx again


I got 3 Priyas and Konrad, i dont use any of em as they are to weak compared to any 6*s out there.

So you can believe i was butthurt pulling for Priya and then boom 6*s came and then statbuff. Rendered em allmost completely useless.


Lol, epic post Kali! Thanks for the we won’t be getting rid of 5*tokens as rewards anytime soon post also! These two post go hand in hand. Lol

Edit: forgot to add. I’m so happy for the epic 2 year old Mark #4 healer toon I pulled with my 5*tokens from warring all weekend, and because of the 18k tokens I’m short of a second pull I will update you of the joy when I get to claim my 7th dropper ezeke! SMH


But at least that idea would give you a chance at a new toon. All we get at the moment is a gaurenteed old toon anyway. 5* tokens are much worse than the idea above. The idea above is generally just adding more toons to the potential prize pull. We just won the CRW just gone and I saw someone from my faction pull Rosa (who they already had) and drop lead zeke (who they already had) how isn’t that terrible?


hey there negan, how’s the baby budd?

glad u liked my post :wink:


Pulling 40 and receiving 37 3* and 3 4* is worse. A granted toon is always welcome. Your question alone shows how little you read/care about players‘ comments regarding what Scopely calls „rewards“ lately.



Hey, stop talking about Warren that way!! :scream::sunglasses::grin:


The region you described, whether it’s Warren or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He could be describing 10s of regions lol


I hope the “top” (aka the spending) factions enjoy lording over a wasteland of a region, they can pat themselves on the back in their mutual admiration society. Cuz no one else will be there.