Note 8 issue with calibration


I just got the note 8 and it isn’t working very well with the game. If I try to click anything it isn’t working properly. I have to tap just to the left of anything to get it to work.

Note 8 doesn’t have a calibration option and this is the only game I’m having problems with.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yeah other people are having that issue. I don’t think I’ve seen a response for the devs though.


Here is a possible solution @ERocket


For 199.99 you can buy a patch from the offers store! Also includes an incense a burt and 100k wood.




Forgot to reply to this. Pretty simple fix. Settings, display, full screen apps, uncheck twd.


I’ll be upgrading soon, thanks for this!


Anytime! Feel free to direct message me when you get it if you need help with the setup. The note 8 is an amazing device. I play TWD literally all day and don’t need to charge until I go to bed.


I’m having this issue with the oneplus 5T as well I hope thay fix it soon.


I saw your other post and asked if @Shawn.Scopely can help on this.


Hey I’m sending you a message