Not turn1 but it works against any team so far


Suggestions are welcome.

Haven’t updated the mods on the whole team and also, Shawn’s weapons still need to be improved.


Thanks for the suggestion. How did you mod the weapons? are there 4x 8%? and how do you handle 2x zachary teams? Love to see that video as well.


Haven’t faced 2 Zach teams but I’ve faced 2 Dr. Stevens + 1 Zachary, easy cake.

Got 4 weap with +8% AP and Shawn with the best attack mods plus +45% attack weap (still crafting).


If I had a second Harper I’d try for 8% on her weapon but I just can’t let go of Stun, it’s been too valuable.


And you shouldn’t if you can’t make a team like mine or better…


It’s a cool team dunno why every1 wants turn 1.So they can beat weak teams fast?


Because in war speed is everything


None of these games had guardian going off. Show examples vs real teams, not garbage.


I bet you to test my team vs your defense and let’s found what kind of garbage you have…


Nice teams. But in a reality u need everything to go completely right for u. Plus those teams aren’t even using ap drains from the looks of it…which go off like all the time on defense. Have seen one of these teams take down a tuogh teams yet. Still too Gimmicky for my taste


My biggest advice. Use a shield with reflect mod, it protects against ap drains and the reflect mod will help get rid of guardian shields. If you use shield in place of kate, you can use shawn’s active to give you everything kate does


Good advice I will try it, however I don’t think it will work. I mean this team is made to beat any team I can face. If you face a shield and a revive in the opposite sides you will leave a revive untouched which can be worst.

Also, I didn’t said it was a 100% win rate, I don’t think there are many teams which are 100% win rate against any team (not include those Zacharys, Dr. Stevens and Ravens).

I’ve a team which is almost a 100% win rate but it can take from turn 4 up to turn 10-14 to win…

And if you want a fast fight in WAR you need to win ASAP.


Of course, you need a bit of luck and planning your attacks to win on TURN 2.

However, I’ve faced teams with AP drain mods and even if I don’t win on turn 2 I end winning on turn 3.

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Bet it’s not to hot now with Shawn being nerfed…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


The nerf is gonna hurt that team, no doubt


Holy F…

I think they saw my video… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Yeah… I just saw it… my team is getting hard time beating teams I’ve beat before with one hit…

Like having 1 or 2 toons alive with less than 100hp but still that’s not good having in mind I was one shotting all the team…


Keep on posting this s*** here… You’re so cool!


Right, people dont get it lol happened with SC andrea as well and now him smh theres some dumb mofos out there

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I don’t think the nerf was because of me that’s just silly… in that case every team and toons could have nerfed but they weren’t…


Again… People think they’re cool posting about something that benefits the players on this forum. Isn’t it obvious that they will make amends?