Not sure why the title has to be 15 characters, but the real title was "team ratings" which is an appropriate title in my book

Not sure where to put this, but team ratings are still lopsided from the updates. I went from a s1++ up to a s4+ at the time, of the update, and I went through the time of not being able to win more than a couple of raids. Tonight though in raid I found a s4+ team, where my team is now an s5+ with 2 six stars, and this team was a full 6 star team. Not sure how a full six star team only rates as an s4+ team unless they striped all of their mods, but they were not low level 6 stars either. People have found ways to game the rating system with 6 star teams somehow, which shows that the rating system is still broken and doesn’t create even matches. Also on the same topic some of the road maps that show an a++ team to play, cannot be beat by s5+, again the team ratings are not in line with the game suggested team ratings.

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Possibly no or bad mods, no or bad weapons, no leader skill?


Toon stats
Lead skill
Weapon score

These all play a role.

Add up everything on all your toons and use this chart for ratings

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Yeah, happened to me as well. Went from an S4 to S7, opponents 2 grades worse than me were 10x better. Nowadays I just raid the same exact people over and over again, better that than wandering into a 2 reviver/ 2 shield combo. No gracias!

if you didn`t know, team grades for raids defenses were not updated, so avoid those S4-S5 teams

No, I do. At least, the S5s. S4s are 100% manageable for me.

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