Not saying I’m thick, can someone explain the new walkers event

As title says, anyone got a clue, read it twice (damn alcohol) :joy:

raid at certain times of the day, collect items, do roadmap, collect items, trade items, repeat

If i’m reading it right of course :joy:


Looks pretty straightforward to me for a change.

Raid at set times to get masks.
Masks are used as energy for a roadmap.
Get items from roadmap to trade in black market.

You’d think, I’m not from Cali so who the fk knows

Lostboy uk raid times 8pm till 11pm night 4am till 7am morning and 12pm till 3pm noon

I’m not seeing a blog post or anything… someone point me in the right direction?

Not here yet only on discord

Well darn. Lol thanks!

@Maxsliver It’s up in the in game news section.

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The event is simple you raid people inbetween these times when the event starts it drops whisper masks you use the masks to run the roadmap the road map can only be done with 5 star toons from that you collect gold rings and arrows to trade in the black market and collect cans and banners for kenny inbetween

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do you want us to tag you when is time to raid? :smile:

[I remember the funniest thread ever]


@Lostboy1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay set times of day! That’s awesome!!

Still gonna be complaints, people are gonna say they should be the opposite hours that are set right now because they interfere with their work… sleep… jog… dinner… :joy:

And if … we avoid complaints, do the schedules change from event to event? I’m talking about events in general, not specifically about this whisperer event :thinking:


Shouldn’t be any hours. Should just drop during event and just vary the amounts.

Again if Scopely directly asked their customers and actually made an effort themselves to do so to you know, the customers who provides them with revenue, populates their product, they would understand more about customers preferred style of events. Instead they shut us out.

The lack of understanding what business to customer means is shocking, but yet we are all falling for it

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The one thing you need to know is that it’s not that great of a event…

My understanding is even if you do all acts in all 7 days you only will collect a total of 72 rings ,3 rings short to do 1 single toon crate…so unless you planning to spend some money, just be happy with the rest of the rewards to choose. Me honestly I’m not going crazy on this since the all the rewards involved in this event is mediocre besides the ones you pay for it, selective time to raid…what if we can play in this time windows ??? Who cares , not me, not scopely!!


12×7=84 … i don’t know where did you get only 72 from … :man_shrugging: