Not receiving stage rewards from Bruce's story (Act 1)


Sharing this to see if somebody else has a similar issue.

I started running Act 1 of Bruce’s Story when the roadmap was introduced. No problem getting the reward for stage one. I believe it was a Long Coat.

On Friday I continued to run the stages, but every time I finished one, my game restarted. You know, main loading screen, and back to the general view of Woodbury.

The stages appeared as completed in the roadmap, but no sign of the stage rewards. No medals, no gear from stages 2 to 7.


Today, Sunday, this popped up:

I got to claim the reward for stage 7, two days after finishing the stage. I decided to go and do stage 8, got my Act 1completion rewards, but no signs of the rewards for stages 2-6 at all.

I noticed something I didn’t notice before, though, when I went to finish Act 1 I did get the cutscene of Bruce, Abe, Holly etc. and got to play with Bruce as an ally. When my game was restarting, no cutscenes were being shown, nor had Bruce as ally.

Anyone else having similar issues?

P.S. Act II seems to be working fine.


@CombatMan maybe has an answer but u will have to wait until tomorrow


Thanks, already messaged him.


This happens to me pretty regularly. In fact, I’m having an issue with the broken heart roadmap. I also had it happen on both Here’s Negan roadmaps, the ultimate gearmap, and the death token map.

Really your best bet is to contact customer service. Take screenshots showing that you finished them. They will tell you to please allow 24-48 hours for the rewards to show up and if not contact them again. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, CS will add them. If they do and you don’t notice, CS can give you a date and time that they were rewarded. Most likely behind the scenes when the NVGs showed up.


Thanks Jeff, I’m still waiting for CS to reply. I have screenshots ready.


I had Something similar on the main story. It started at Stage 17 where suddently the cut-scenes disapeared. After I completed Stage 20, the game restared and I was lead to Stage 17 ACT 3 were the cutscenenes disapeared the First time. The weird thing was that the other acts was finished, but all of them had one Star, even If I got atleast 2 Stars at every Stage. After I played Act 3 everything was fine, but I had to play everything again, to get the cutscenenes.


Mine too except I got credit for 3 star completions. That wasn’t a big deal but I didn’t get credit for the achievements. Still got the completion rewards.


When you look at that roadmap stages, do you see the finished stages still glowing/blinking? If you do you might want to redo the stage(s) to see if you get the rewards this time. I had this a long time ago when I did not receive the stage rewards. It costs you some extra world energy but at least you don’t have to wait for support.


Yes. If you get the cutscene with the stage flashing you can usually continue from it. That has worked in world stages but the only roadmap it worked for me was the first Here’s negan map.


I read about that in an old thread (maybe still in the old forums) but no, the stages weren’t blinking and all completed stages had 3 stars.