Not Receiving Daily Event Offers

I have been logging in the last few days and have not been receiving the daily death doubloons. I see the ad for it, but I’m not getting any offers.

I have relogged several times, reset my phone, cleared the cache and nothing. I have tried posting on the in game help and no word.

I have been playing for 2 years and have never come across this issue before. What’s going on?

It’s not a pop up, you need to go to the shop. Under the offers tab. If that’s where you’ve been looking then I’d contact support if I were you.

Yeah I have been looking every day. Every day since the event started I get the “There are no offers at this time” message. Not even the money offers are showing up.

I have tried contacting support in game and I’m not getting any response, hence I’m asking here. Is there another support I need to contact?

I think there is an email. Dunno what it is tho… Probably something like

It’s the weekend so no staff will be on the forum.

Http:// will also open a support ticket but it’s all going to go to the same group of people anyway.

Here’s what I’d suggest: if you’re on wifi switch to cell or vice-versa (if possible, not all devices have cell connections).
Do some actions that will trigger a server sync. Some examples: raid a player, pull a basic token, watch a video, complete a roadmap level, or level up a character. Lately I’ve found watching a video is not only a quick way to force the sync, but I get coins as well. And make sure you stay in your region for at least half an hour to get all the info synced.