Not received level up 2mil milestone reward

Player Name: Pete
Faction: The Natives
Region: Habersham
Device: Sony Xperia XA1
OS Version: Android 8.0.0
Platform: Mobile
I was levelling up and was at approx 1.99mil when the game went into a crash loop and kept resetting every time I pressed on level. When it reset I hadn’t increased in points. After about 4 reboots it eventually let me level over 2mil, but i still have not received the 2mil milestone reward for the current solo level up. Can you please check and send me the milestone.

We can’t really fix this for you, that would be in the realm of the support team. Have you opened a ticket with support?

Thanks, will do. Only just worked out how to do this in game as it is so unobvious.

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