Not meant as a dig



Seriously this is not intended as a dig Kali@shane. I would ask yuo don,t write cheques you can,t cash. You stated there would be catchup maps for Dwight parts , yet we have not seen any. You stated they would be hard , i,ll say you can’t get any harder than non existent. Surely Kali@shane you must be annoyed at your co workers telling you things that just don,t happen. I hope that is the case and its not a case of you just offering us what we want to hear to shut us up. Also and i know there will be the people who got the Dwight and rifle say " plenty of opportunities " but we had the shop selling rifle parts BUT not vest pieces or barbed wire. Why???. Again i am not trying to run you down but you do need to only tell us what is actually going to occur NOT what you think may happen. If i was better at copy, paste and technology in general i would include statements you made regarding Dwight. I,m sure there are RTS fans who can.


This feels more like a self-burn… lol


Lol affirmed


I thought kali mentioned there would be a difficult catch up for parts. I don’t recall a road map specifically mentioned.


I’m about 90% sure roadmaps never mentioned. Milestones and mystery bags for dwight gun parts only. Never any roadmaps or pieces to dwight himself


Unless, of course, you have a life OUTSIDE of this game…


Preach it. They need to hear how much bull* theyve been feeding us at times


I got dwight and the gun easy enough… well… the last lvl up was a struggle but it was worth it.


What exactly are you expecting? To be able to get everything scopely puts out for us when you don’t even play the game on an active basis? Why would you even give a damn about these collections if you use that argument of yours?