Not in 1BA So who dont you like facing

So the big boys go to WOC…Who is left as the top dogs in 1B and who do you not like facing.

There is none left in 1b everyone that’s anyone is in 1a right now

Mkkkkkkaaaaaa…a lot dropped. Isnt all about 1A.

So no one worth left facing?

Its a few people in 1b, but they all have chill defenses.

Not in 1b who would be left …

There is no great factions in 1b lol not right now anyways maybe before woc but not now they are all here in 1a

I’ve seen a few good factions in 1b. 38° is good. public enemy real good. Zlegion has some real tough teams. Then there’s no one is safe. I hear they are decent

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Good compared to your faction or good compared to vv or walkers ?

We smashed all 3 factions you just posted so I mean I guess you could say they are good compared to somebody . But if we are thinking about it like that then the second loe]west rank faction is good compared to the lowest rank faction of the entire region right

Well I mentioned 4 factions. I’m just saying they are good. Of the 32 regions in 1b they are the ones winning crws. Alot of the facsgood enough for 1a seem to stay in 1a. Which I get 8v8 has its appeal. If I was anygood I’d probably be in 1a

What is the name of your faction

We all know you’re the top dog

You smashed them as a 1A or 1B

The question was who top dog 1B. U know half of 1b smash 1a right??


Who cares? 1b is minor league

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Lol yeah ur right. But thats not what i asked. Maybe they dont wanna spend all weekend warring…maybe they have lives(god fobid). I asked a simple question to get answered with stupid bs.

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I would like some of this life you speak of. Where can I find it

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Not in here max…you aint allowed if not elite.